Company Profile
   Compliance Design Labo Inc.
Board Members
President and  CEO
  Hiroyuki Okamoto

 Shuichi Kato(Managing Director, Lawyer)
 Motohiro Akatsu(Director, Accountant / Tax accountant )
 Yoshitaka Furubayashi(Director, Lawyer)
 Haruhito Seno(Diretor, Lawyer / Tax accountant )

  904 Silk Center Building, 1, Yamashitacho, Naka-ku, Yokohamacity, Kanagawa-Pref.

 Establishment date 
・Hiroyuki Okamoto (President & CEO)
  Certified Financial Internal Auditor and Qualified Internal Auditor  (The Institute of Internal Auditors-Japan), BA in Commercial Science, Waseda University in Tokyo.
  Financial business careers were started in Daiwa Securities Co. Lt. in 1986, one of the BIG 4 financial brokerage and investment banking companies in Japan at that time. In Daiwa Securities, built up his own strong financial background through serving as underwriter, credit rating analyst (seconded to NIS, currently R&A), Deputy General Manager of Daiwa Securities Deutschland and General Manager of Berlin Representative Office.
  After having served as Deputy General Manager of Due Diligence Department in Daiwa headquarters in Tokyo, was invited to Westdeutsche Landes Bank, BNP Paribas Securities Tokyo Branch, Mitsubishi Corp. - UBS Realty Inc. and ING Real Estate Investment Management (Director) as Senior/Chief Compliance Officer.
  Handled three cases of inspections conducted by FSA and SESC and successfully responded their enquiries and requests.
  In 2011, started up Compliance Advisory Partner as independent compliance advisor and representative.
  Lived in Europe for 9 years, mainly in Germany.
  Member of Japan Society for Business Ethics (December 2012 - March 2017)

・Shuichi Kato  (Managing Director, Lawyer)
  Graduated from Chuo University, Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science, and registered as a lawyer in September 2007.
  After working at a law firm, he joined a fund management company (investment management business, Type II financial instruments business, investment advisory business) in December 2018, and was appointed as General Manager of the company's Compliance Department in March 2020, a position he holds to this day. 

・Motohiro Akatsu  (Director, Accountant)
  Graduated from Chuo University, Faculty of Commerce, and registered as a Certified Public Accountant in September 2009.
 In 2004, he joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (currently Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC), where he was mainly engaged in statutory audits of financial institutions. (currently Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory Co., Ltd.), where he was mainly engaged in corporate restructuring and reorganization work, and opened Akatsu CPA Office in July 2015. In addition to auditing, financial research, and stock valuation services, he is involved in internal auditing for Type II financial instruments business.

・Yoshitaka Furubayashi  (Director,Lawyer)
 Graduated from Chuo University Law School, Registered as a lawyer in December 2010, Established SY Law Corporation in April 2019
 In addition to litigation and receivership cases, he has been involved in corporate legal affairs, including serving as an auditor and director in charge of legal affairs (current position).

・Haruhito Seno (Director, Lawyer / Tax accountant)   
  Graduated from Chuo University Law School. Registered as a lawyer in December 2011, became a partner of law firm S in May 2015, and established law firm SY in April 2019.
 He has been appointed as a trustee in bankruptcy and has been involved in legal due diligence for M&A projects.
Uniqueness of our company
  CDL (our company) is professionals equipped with comprehensive working experiences, knowledge and skills to resolve every major aspect of compliance & AML/ATF work in financial business .We are not compliance experts dedicated in a particular area of compliance.

   Professionals havew multiple cross-cutting expertise and experiences in addition to specialized knowledge and experience.
CDL advises not only on compliance knowledge but also on compliance concepts of how to create your own corporate culture of compliance.
  Compliance needs to  change from inspection-oriented to design-oriented compliance.
  The time has been over when  FSA provides guidelines and manuals  so as you can follow and establish your compliance.
  FSA's inspection stance has also changed dramatically from "monitoring" to "dialogue" base.
   Top management (financial instruments business operators themselves) is required newly and voluntarily to design their own compliance systems and culture based on their own creative efforts.
  Compliance will need to change fromsomething to be established to something to be designed.
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